What is FBI - Fukuoka Bilingual IT Support Center?

In January 2016, we opened "Bilingual IT Support Center" in Fukuoka.
Unlike many other IT support services, we focus on providing "language" services,
especially for customers those require assistance handling businesses with partners overseas in English.
Being specialized in both "English & IT", we assure you to satisfy your various needs.

Our Services

- Software localization (+ related overseas support)
- IT technical support/customer support (mainly in English)
- Pre/post support for opening branch and marketing in Japan
- Creation/Translation of multi-lingual websites & SNS contents
*Translation also available in Chinese and Thai.
Other languages also will be available in future.

Why in Fukuoka?

1. Rich in bilingual resources

Today, Fukuoka is recognized as the 5th largest city in Japan,
and one of the most growing cities where numbers of people visit for business and pleasure.
Although the city encourages its globalization and it has many people who are fluent in English,
jobs and demands for language support are still growing compared to Tokyo,
due to the fact that fewer foreign capital companies have branches in Fukuoka.

We consider such situation as an advantage to hire skilled bilingual workers.
Also, from the service provider's point of view, we believe it is crucial to be able to sustain/employ
skillful human resources continuously in order to provide high-quality services for clients
considering the nature of IT support projects running longer periods.

2. Overwhelming English demands in Tokyo

Tokyo on the other hand, demands for bilingual resources are constantly massive,
as you know it is center of Japan and offices of foreign capital companies
and companies that are doing business with overseas are concentrated in this metropolitan areas.
As a result, companies end up fighting over the scarce skilled bilingual resources.

3. Clients benefit in pricing

In a world of today, with IT tools we can work anywhere, certainly no need to tie ourselves in Tokyo.
We aim to shift Tokyo's over-flooded demand of bilingual resource to Fukuoka,
ultimately to balance out the gap between supply and demand in IT industry in Japan.
We promise to pass on the benefits to our clients by providing stable and superior
- quality services from Fukuoka, with more reasonable price.

Mission of FBI

Our mission is "Connecting Japan and the world, with IT and Language".

Pursuing the mission, we strive to improve quality of our services most of all to satisfy our customers' needs.
Meanwhile, we aim to balance out the gap between supply and demand derived from Fukuoka and Tokyo,
respectively. We believe that the key to success is to provide reasonable yet high-quality services
to our clients while developing our foundation of bilingual IT support in Fukuoka.

It is our ultimate goal to accomplish decentralization of employment opportunities
that can consequently develop the local vitalization by fully utilizing IT technology of today
- And we believe that we can make it realize by committing to the business in Fukuoka.